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Ice Machine Maintenance

Ice Machine Maintenance Service & Repair

When you draw ice from your machine, do you ever wonder what contaminants may be tumbling into your cup? Of course the ice appears to be clean and germ-free, but that argument wouldn't hold up well if a lab were called in to test samples pulled from your hotel during a health-code violation inquiry. Ice falls within the same category as food. So your workhorse ice machines should command as much attention as you would apply to your food prep stations and equipment. Otherwise they could wind up becoming breeding grounds for problems that can leave a very bad taste in your mouth and your bottom line.

We Keep Your Ice Machine Clean and Trouble Free

Central Comfortis a ice machine cleaning service provider that can keep your ice machines clean and trouble free. We offer the most affordable and most thorough cleaning and maintenance services for the leading ice machine brands in the business. And by thorough, that means every machine we touch is going to be completely sanitized according to exact manufacturer specifications and in shape for optimum ice production and efficiency.

Why Consider Our Service At All?

Cleaning an ice machine the right way is a time-consuming task that requires a great deal more than a quick wipe down. There are many ways in which biofilm slime, mold or lime buildup can accumulate and go undetected. Aside from the health risks these conditions pose to your guests, these contaminates will bring a machine down in operating efficiency or even complete failure which are nightmares no hotel executive wants to face.

Our expertise and proactive style of management set us apart from other independent service providers and that's something you can only appreciate once you realize there is one less piece of equipment you need to worry about.

Weoffer ice machine maintenance service in restaurants & hotels. The high standards mandated in healthcare settings is applied to all customer settings serviced. Whether you manage a healthcare facility, restaurant, hotel or other commercial property, wecan help. Central Comfort keeps your ice machines running at optimal efficiency so ice is fresh & clean.

Check your drains! A common problem we run into when taking service over is clogged drains. Because the drains are an open system on ice machines they collect dust from the air. This gets inside the drain.

If you don't currently have a filter, wecan install one. This provides cleaner ice & results in less maintenance due to less particle build up that was previously unfiltered.